Our Company and Team

Cyclone Seed & Chemical is a local independent Ag retailer serving Southwest Iowa since it's opening in 2008. We are devoted to servicing our customers in all phases of the agriculture industry; we offer a highly diversified line of products for our customer base and encourage our customers to use the latest technology that is available to them. We want to offer more than a product or service; we want our customers to be successful. Since our opening in 2008, we have expanded and put money back into the business so we can better service our customers in a timely and efficient manner. Since 2008, we have added a 10,000 sq feet fertilizer and seed warehouse, 18,000 units of bulk soybean storage, (RH 2000 commercial seed treater) and 4,000 sq feet of shop and cold storage. Cyclone Seed and Chemical services customers in a six county area with its main office located in Harlan, lA.

Cyclone Seed & Chemical supports our customers, but we also support the communities that our customers live in. Cyclone Seed and Chemical and our employees volunteer and support our local communities in a wide variety of ways; we devote time and money to support the local schools, churches, county fairs, little league, relay for life, cattlemen and pork producers, farm safety groups, school proms and numerous other fundraising activities in the community.

Meet Our Team:

When you work with Cyclone Seed & Chemical, you will need to “BUILD A BIGGER BIN!”