Precision Ag

We have supported and serviced precision Ag equipment from the start. We understand the efficiency and profitability that precision Ag equipment can provide our customers. We support Ag Leader and Precision Planting equipment; we do all phases including the installation, set up and support.

  1. Our team will assess your needs and develop a system that fits your short term and long term needs (cost, compatibility, etc.)
  2. We will provide and install the equipment to better serve you in the set up process, along with giving you instruction and guidance on running your new equipment
  3. Service - We will provide in-season support of your equipment, whether it's in the field or phone support we have you covered

Precision Ag Services


Basic Plan = call for prices on all
Includes planting Placement and Yield Data Books


includes everything in the Basic Plan plus...

Advanced Plan = call for prices on all


For questions or more information about our agronomy services, email or call us at 712-755-2027.

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